Our Mission 

Elevation Coaching and Consulting provides personalised, values-based, transformational organisational improvement solutions that are driven by understanding people and the power of change. 
We are committed to improving outcomes for your organisation by ensuring that people are at the centre of all that we do. We endeavour to propel people and to ensure a reduction in standing still or regressing. 
We will listen to YOU and hear what YOU need. We will then work closely with YOU to create YOUR solution, ensuring that any solutions we create provide legacy, accountability and tangible, transformational change that YOU are seeking. Our sole purpose is being of value and service to others. 
We will look at your systems and processes and discuss your pain points and how we can overcome them. We will create solutions that we will adapt as they are rolled out because, people are people! We are driven by progress, fulfilling YOUR needs and OUR desire to make a difference. 
HOW can we help you? 
WHAT do you need? 
Talk to us - WE can help. 

Provides practical strategies that enables 

Elevation Coaching and Consulting will help and support schools and organisations who: 
Feel overwhelmed 
Confused by bureaucracy 
Need support with systems and processes to enable them to become more systemised 

What if you could  

Create vision? / Create aspiration? 
If you had no limit to the necessary resources to make positive changes, what would you change in your school? 

What is stopping you?  

Elevation Coaching and Consulting Ltd has a range of options that can help you get where you want to be. Take a look and get in touch for more details 

ALL Assessments and Plans include: 

Phone calls 
Final report 
Assessments – Initial 1 and Initial 2 POA 
The Pantelis Plan © - Package 1 - POA 
The Pantelis Plan © - Package 2 - POA 
The Pantelis Plan © - Package 3 - POA 
Coaching - Powered by Resilient Leaders Elements - 1 to 1 sessions 
Lead in Uncertainty - Powered by Resilient Leaders Elements - Group sessions: 3 - 12 per group 

Louise Ling 

Service Manager for School Effectiveness at Surrey County Council 
Audrey is fantastic to work with and we really value her input and expertise in our special school MAT as an Independent Education Consultant. 

Emily Ellington 

Corporate Head of Inclusion at GEMS Education 
Solution-focussed, collaborative and always child-centered. It was a real pleasure to work in partnership with Audrey to best meet the needs of those in our local area. 

Rebecca Adetona 

Team Leader at Horizon Teachers 
Audrey has always been a pleasure to work with, she hasamazing energy and is very welcoming. She has a clear passion for the education sector, this is evident in the work she does. I highly recommend Audrey with no hesitations. 
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