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Being resilient is more than a buzz word. Covid 19 has ensured that we all need to be resilient, no matter what our line of work is. We can support you and your organisation become the resilient leader – and we are all leaders – that you need to and want to be. Resilient Leaders Elements is a tried and tested framework that will transform and strengthen you to ensure that your organisation provides a first-class service. We can work 1:1 or in groups – whatever YOU need, we will provide the solution that you need. 

RLE™ creates a sustainable way of living and working 

Created by leaders for leaders 
Pragmatic and user friendly 
Creates environments for success 
Measurable and proven 
What if you could develop your staff to be leaders, whether or not they are leaders in title? 
What would happen if you were able to work at your own pace – either on your own or within a group – on the areas that enables you to operate at your best? 
Would you welcome a highly motivated workforce that results in increased outcomes? 
Knowing who you are and what you do strengthens your sense of purpose and resilience. Resilient Leaders Elements is a framework that utilises pragmatic tools and techniques that 
help leaders prepare for, cope with and recover. RLE focuses attention on the impact on people and the human responses that contribute to successful recovery - relating it not just to disaster scenarios but also to the day-to-day challenges faced by leaders. The four elements are as follows: 
Clarity of Direction 
Resilient Decision Making 
Leadership Presence 
Resilient Leaders Development Programme 
Develop your resilient leadership 'muscle memory' 
• Define what you’re good at so that you can revert to this when in doubt yourself or 
going through difficult times (strength engine) 
• Take challenges your ‘virtual coach’ sets for you in areas that you need to develop (challenge engine) 
• See other people’s feedback on your strengths and weaknesses (feedback engine) 
Do get in touch for further details on how RLE can help you and your workforce. RLDP is part of The Pantelis Plan © school improvement packages at no additional cost. 
If you are interested in a group – from 3 -12 people - working with RLE as a coaching/development tool, RLE Leading in Uncertainty may be a better approach for you. 
Develop your capability to lead yourself and others, with a particular focus on leading in uncertain times. 
Leadership development with facilitation and peer support - great for strengthening your network. 
This programme will boost your confidence as a leader, giving you the tools to identify the strengths you can rely on in times of change and even crisis. 
It will enable you to provide clarity of direction so that people are committed to a shared vision and are taking responsibility for helping you achieve it. 
• 3 months unlimited access to the RLDP™ 
• 6 x group virtual sessions facilitated by a Resilient Leaders Consultant (90 minutes each) 
• 3 - 12 people in each coaching group 
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