Victoria Collis  

Managing Director at The EdTech Hub 

The opening of Pentland Field School in Hillingdon benefited hugely from Audrey's presence as Head of School. Her energy, enthusiasm, and conviction that anything is possible were a vital ingredient in this special school's first few years of operation. Every time I visited as a Trustee, I noticed how much both pupils and staff looked to Audrey not only as a source of leadership and inspiration, but also affection. Taking a building site and an idea and turning them into a successful, happy school in just a few years is a major accomplishment. 

Louise Ling  

Service Manager for School Effectiveness at Surrey County Council 

Audrey is fantastic to work with and we really value her input and expertise in our special school MAT as an Independent Education Consultant. 

Emily Ellington  

Corporate Head of Inclusion at GEMS Education 

Solution-focussed, collaborative and always child-centered. It was a real pleasure to work in partnership with Audrey to best meet the needs of those in our local area. 

Christian Rule  

Director of Business Transformation at Flynet 

Audrey has a wonderful energy and through her mentoring and very natural leadership developed many lifelong and loyal friends at the school. Unlike most, Audrey was at the school from the very beginning, contributing to the design, the layout and the build in some areas. She managed a wide group of stakeholders from contractors to council representatives extremely well, delivering a wonderful school that she would go on to grow and develop to being one of the largest all through SEN schools in West London. Audrey also acted as an innovator, keen to develop new methods and techniques in the pursuit of higher quality educational standards for our young people. Many of Audrey’s ideas from Teaching and Learning to Technology adoption and Safeguarding are still in use at the school and mirrored across the wider Academy. I highly recommend Audrey. 

Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA  

Leader | Trainer | Consultant | Facilitator | Coach | Mentor | Founder | Event Organiser | Speaker | Writer | Ally 

I met Audrey at a leadership event 12 months ago and we instantly clicked. She is a warm, compassionate & passionate person with a values-led purpose. She came to #DiverseEd in January to share her story in a HeadsUp session which received very positive feedback. Audrey has been extremely supportive of me as I have transitioned into working independently, she is a champion for others. I am excited for Audrey to be accredited as a RLE consultant & join the community of practice so that we can work together in developing a resilience coaching offer for schools. 

Nic Owen  

Mental Health & Wellbeing Educator, Trainer, Practitioner & Facilitator | Qualified Teacher | Founder of Zennic Wellbeing | Working in education and multi-agencies to support mental health & wellbeing for children and staff. 

Audrey has a warmth and energy that makes you feel enthused and uplifted whenever you work with her. Her passion for inclusion and diversity is apparent with her thinking, questioning and her values-led approach to her work. She is authentic, honest and has empathy and compassion for others. Her approach to collaborative work will always involve genuine laughter and a smile, she is a real champion of people, who believes in lifting others. A great lady to work with in a professional sense whose positivity is infectious. 

Rebecca Adetona  

Team Leader at Horizon Teachers 

Audrey has always been a pleasure to work with, she hasamazing energy and is very welcoming. She has a clear passionfor the education sector, this is evident in the work she does. I highly recommend Audrey with no hesitations. 
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