I am sure that intention (and I would add 'purpose') is part of what makes us human. We want to get 'it' done. We want to get 'it' right. "I am going on a diet"; "I am leaving that job/person"; "I am going to get started on learning/playing/doing..." The image shows how intentions may feel like - long; distant; a destination to reach; a journey to embark upon. We are often encouraged when we declare our intentions, that the first step is often the hardest because of the shifting states that we find ourselves in, and that the intention is most definitely a part of the process. 
I have read a quote that states: "Set an intention by being clear on what you want and being detached from the outcome. Don't be concerned with how things are going to happen. " I particularly like the second part of the quote because I find that that is why we don't see our 'good' intentions to fruition. What if it all goes wrong? That single thought - as neurologically correct as it should be (we are wired so that we stick to what we know so that there is no threat to our existence) is what can stop us from branching out - but if we DIDN'T have the persistence, the resilience, the grit to keep going - then its just a good intention that doesn't amount to anything. 
An interesting parallel about intentions fell in my lap this morning.... it was announced in the media that Kanye West announcing that he is going to run for the US presidency this year. There is no doubt that this man, most probably, is not qualified to be the next President of the United States, but he has not worried about publicly declaring his intention to run. What does that mean? Does it mean: 
He's got the country's best interests at heart and isn't it great that he's going to do this? OR 
He's crazy but brave OR 
He wants to be the next President and by declaring it he is showing his good intentions OR 
His behaviours will show his reality 
Kanye's intention will create his reality. I have no idea what type of president he would make but if it happens, it happens. Let's see what he does. 
And therein lies the dilemma. Intention - to have intent - is a doing word and thoughts 
Sometimes we get bogged down with good intentions. Sometimes we think that we have good intentions but it doesn't always end well - for some! There are times when we can commend ourselves for thinking well - and think that the 'thinking' is enough. I would much rather see actions that come from intentions that don't succeed as opposed to no action at all. These are the people that I naturally gravitate to. I also like to inspire those that require support in their intentions turning into actions. From my own experience, I remember that my dad had many good business intentions but they did not always come off and I guess that these good intentions - but lack of action which he would blame on others - would frustrate him from time to time. I wish - he passed away in 2009 - that he had carried out some of his plans. But.....where would I be now if he had carried out his plans? I'll never know. 
I'd like to think that I live with intention and I am fairly active in wanting to put my plans into action - but my motivation has changed over the years from me from being all about self and I'm now more about service - service to and for others. That motivates me so much - to the extent that I am now prepared to take more 'risks' for the greater good. I press on; sometimes I take steps backwards and sometime I shuffle sideways - but always I look to create - where love is the basis of my intentions to make life better for others. Maybe this is the catalyst for why intentions don't manifest themselves into actions? Using the L word isn't very fashionable in work situations - I am not that worried about that!! It's my intention to do this - so let's do this!!!! 
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